Hi, Hey, Hello!

New York native Mikko Serrano is a graphic designer and photographer,
specializing in branding, illustration, and street portraiture.

Mikko’s design work draws from both classic and contemporary aesthetics, though he’s most inspired by old school
typography and psychedelic posters. Mikko likes getting off the screen and sketching his work by hand,
returning to his original craft as an aspiring artist.

Photo inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes for Mikko; from sketchy subway vignettes to magical desert-scapes, but he gets
the most enjoyment from capturing the overlooked human experience and eery, forgotten places.
He collects moments frozen in time.

At home, Mikko makes a mean poke bowl and is teaching his goldendoodle how to spar like Pacquiao.

Services I Focus on

  • LogoType Design

  • TypeDesign

  • Custom Lettering

  • Package Design

  • Branding & Identity

  • UI/UX

  • Photography

  • Illustration


NY Yankees
Alaska Communications
Samuel Adams
Brooks Running
Honest Tea
Red Robin
Noose Yogurt


Film Cameras, Pepperoni Pizza, 90s Hip Hop, Cold Brew, Dogs, Long Drives, Camping, Pineapples, Photo walks, Creative and Comedy Podcast